Calm Space Stress Reducing Scent
Calm Space for Calustrophobia Calm Space for Calustrophobia Calm Space for Calustrophobia Calm Space for Calustrophobia Calm Space for Calustrophobia
Calm Space Stress Reducing Scent

Feeling claustrophobic? The world closing in on you? Stressed? Breathe in our proprietary, therapeutic formula blending natural fragrances with pure essential oils. And relax...

Whether it's a crowded elevator racing to the top of a sky scraper, an elbow-to-elbow, too-close-for-comfort rush hour commute on a packed bus, the dread of boarding a crowded airplane, or any situation where space seems to be closing in on you, calmspace may help. The calmspace patent-pending, proprietary therapeutic formula of 100% natural fragrance extracts empowers you to help manage the anxiety resulting from claustrophobic reactions. Confidently use for a convenient, discrete, portable and personal option that may help you control your physical and emotional reactions to claustrophobic-induced stress. Anytime. Anywhere.
Calm Space for Calustrophobia

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Dr. Michael BeaubaireDr. Michael Beaubaire, Medical Director for Healthy Brands Group, welcomes your claustrophobia or anxiety questions in our support group forum.

Backed By Research

Calm Space for Calustrophobia

Healthy Brands Group (HBG): Case Study:

Twenty nine volunteers who self report suffering from claustrophobia participated in a study using scent therapy to relieve symptoms associated with episodic claustrophobia. Individuals were provided an inhaling canister with randomly assigned scents and ushered towards a crowded elevator. (A simulation of a commonly experienced claustrophobic encounter)...
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