Calm Space Stress Reducing Scent
Calm Space Testimonials

"It is effective. Easy to roll on and very convenient."

"This is a great product. I am sure it will help a lot of people to be more confident and less fearful in some of the most uncomfortable situations associated with claustrophobia."

"It is portable and convenient. Small enough to carry unnoticed in your hand."

"It helps to take my mind off the stressors."

"I would definitely use this for calming the effects of anxiety from non–claustrophobic situations."

"I found that lightly smelling the vanilla helped distract me from the crowded spaces during my commute."

"Nice delivery system."

"I think it's a great invention and very convenient to carry with you."

"I think it was helpful in quelling my social anxiety. I appreciate the discreteness."

"The vanilla scent gave me more calmness and was very soothing to me."

"When I was about to enter a crowd I always took it out and after inhaling the scent 2–3 deep times the problem went away."

"I really like it because of the discrete package. The scent was effective in claustrophobic situations and the ease of use really makes it a winner."

"I found the Calmspace scent to be very efficient with combating my claustrophobic reactions. In nearly all the situations that occurred it was extremely beneficial in my therapy."